Installing Velvet Drawer Liners

If you have always wanted velvet liners in your drawers, they are actually straightforward to install. By following a basic process, anyone can have perfect velvet drawers. 

Gather Your Materials

Make sure you get the velvet pieces you want. It would be best if you also got a spray adhesive. The last thing you will need is a piece of cardboard or thin wallboard. 

Cut the Board

If you are buying hardboard, you will need to cut it down with a saw. If you are using cardboard, you can cut it at home with a razor blade. While cardboard is cheaper, hardboard will last longer. Cardboard pieces should never be glued together or placed next to each other. Make sure they will fit in the drawers you want to modify in one piece. It is a good idea to leave some wiggle room when you cut the board. 

Apply the Velvet

Cut the velvet to the same size as your board. Spray one side of the board with adhesive. Carefully apply the velvet. Smooth out the liner and make sure it sticks. If there is extra velvet over the edges, flip the board over and spray the backside. Then, you can fold any extra strips over and stick it to the back. The back is less important, so it can be rough looking. The velvet is very forgiving, and you should be able to do this process easily. 

Install Them

Set your velvet boards inside your drawers. You could also add a second liner on top for a little extra cushion. You may also want to add some ring holders or special cushions for your pieces carved from antler. Once you get your drawers perfect for you, you can move in. 

Installing velvet in your drawers is easier than you would expect. This is a quick process that involves minimal work. Plus, you can add other options once you finish your liners. This makes your drawers completely custom and perfect for you. 

VOTD: Psalm 91:14-16

beingdiscouragedverses hashtag on Twitter

God assures us that if we love Him, hold on to Him and have faith in Him, He will surely show us that He is always present, always ready to answer when we call. God is faithful in all His promises to deliver, protect, rescue and honor us. 

So no matter what happens, I will love Him and worship Him whether in good or bad times. I will hold on to His love and promises. Tell others about His goodness, His great love, grace and mercy. 

Prayer: Heavenly Father thank you for giving me another day, for giving me a glimpse of your power. Allowing me to see and experience your great love. Help me Lord to live a life pleasing to you. May I honor you in everything I do.

Rick and Morty Sneakers

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5 Tips For Creating a Romantic Night and Fun Dinner at Home

Valentines Day is just around the corner and maybe you're already thinking how to make this occasion really special. Here are some ideas for a romantic and fun dinner at home either for several couples or just for two.

Sensual Scents

Whether planning for one guest or several couples, let robust spices (think cloves, canela, cardamom and black pepper) help set the mood with the help of a standard frying pan. Toast the spices just to their smoking point, and the room will fill with an inviting--and delicious--bouquet.

Pairing Is Caring

When prepping for a perfect evening, pairings are a fun way to turn any meal into a special occasion and spice up the fun. Plan three courses and pair each with a small cocktail. A fun and easy way is to use one base spirit in three different ways.

Make It A Group Effort
Let your guests in the kitchen and encourage them to enjoy the tactile sensation of the food as it is prepared. Start the party early and enjoy cocktails as you cook.

Forget the Utensils
Feeding someone can be a loving, playful proposition (especially sans fork). In Mexico people love to entertain with botanas--small bites--that incorporate foods indigenous to the region like seafood and black beans. Reconnect with your partner over a selection of botanas like plantains, garnachas (a small fried masa topped with pork or chicken), mushrooms, or fresh cut fruit. Watch those teeth.
Remember to Relax

All you need for a romantic night at home is good food and good company. So remember to relax, have fun and don't get too caught up with planning.

Prayer and declaration for the year 2020!

Abba Father I call on Your Name. We cry out, release Your glory over our family. I declare my family to be one that will glorify Your Name.


I know the plans you have for us as a family. Plans to prosper us and give us peace. Plans that we should call on the Name of the Lord! You will let us find You and answer our prayers. Therefore I renounce, reject, cancel and cast out all evil directed towards my family by removing all uncleanness. We don’t allow, approve or tolerate any evil to come our way in Jesus Name.

We pray and declare the love, glory and unity of God between family members as we as a family submit in totality unto the Lordship of Jesus. We pray over our children, protect them from peer pressure and set them free from the spirit of this world. We pray for future partners to be godly men and women. Fearing God and trusting God alone. We will be passionate about Jesus!

 This family will seek God’s Kingdom first! We will purpose in our hearts not to defile ourselves like Daniel 1:8 prayed, with the things of this world.

 We will be actively involved in the church of Christ to expand His Kingdom as we are part of His bride to be. The healing of God, the prosperity of God, the protection and guidance of God will be upon us spirit, soul and body. We cast out all sickness, diseases and infirmities.

We break the curses and strongholds.

 No weapon formed against us, no tongue raised against us in judgement shall stand in Jesus Name!   We are more than conquerors and our house is build on the ROCK Jesus the ANOINTED ONE by Holy Spirit.

 Therefore we as family will be anointed walking in God’s authority as worthy ambassadors wherever we go and in whatever we do.

This family is blessed in God. The favour of God is upon us. Guide us Holy Spirit as we give God all the glory for our family. Indeed all we do will be blessed.

 We and our children will honor God. We consciously put your Word at the center of our lives, meditate, read, study and live it by the guidance and enabling power of Holy Spirit, our Helper and Comforter.

We pray Your journey mercies, protection, and safety on the road, Your hand of covering upon the vehicles. No harm will befall us on the road.                                  

 As family we walk by faith, spirit, soul and body dedicated unto God. We seek Your face only God. We shall love the Lord our God with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength.

God be with us forever!

In Jesus name..Amen and Amen!

#joelosteen #ideclare

The Greatest Gift of All

Thank you Father God for the greatest gift of all.. your son JESUS!

2 Corinthians 9:15

Have a wonderful and meaningful Christmas to all! :)

Best Tips For Buying Condos

Investing in a condo is an excellent way to own a home without the fears of vast amounts of money required for maintenance that comes with townhouses. Condo dwellers have the advantage of sharing amenities and enjoying professional management to handle maintenance tasks. Condos are single units located within several unit properties. You own your condo, but share amenities, such as playground, dog area, park, gym and swimming pool. If you are planning to invest in a condo, these tips should help you to get the right one.


Beyond Sales Contract

You need to look beyond the condo sales contract when buying a condominium. You need to pay attention to the declaration or agreement. It guides or dictates how the condo operates or is governed. You should request to read the documents before you buy condos for sale in Midtown Toronto so that you know what the management expects of you. For instance, learn about how the management handles complaints and requests and how the restrictions affect your lifestyle.


What Condos Include

It’s wise to understand what the condos include. You need to know if they include the features you want. For instance, know if the condo has an additional parking space for your guests, extra storage, and security measures. You also want to see the kind of fixtures installed in the condos and their sizes.


Type of Condo

The condo market is diverse, and it suits the needs of different buyers. Therefore, you need to know the variety of condos available in your area so that you choose the type that suits your needs. For instance, a divided kind of condo is where you won your condo, but has shared amenities with other owners. As such, you pay maintenance costs for exterior siding, hallways and entrance. There are also the undivided condos where costs are assumed by all owners, depending on their respective share.

Now that you have these tips, you can make an informed decision. You can get a condo that meets your needs. Your financial situation also matters.