How To Make Your Move Go Smoothly

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You finally close on the new house you have been looking for. Now, you have to move. What seems like a simple process can descend into chaos unless you plan properly. Here are some tips on being prepared for when movers Perrysburg OH, arrive so that you can have the smoothest move possible.


Downsizing your belongings may sound counterintuitive, particularly if you are moving to a larger home. It doesn't make any sense, however, to pack something you know you don't use. By sorting through your belongings before you start packing, you can reduce the number of boxes you need to move to the new place. You can save money not only by having fewer items for movers to haul but also with the tax deduction you may get for the donation of your gently used but unwanted possessions.


Choosing a moving company can make or break your move. You want experienced professionals who will handle your valuables with the same care you do. Look for red flags, such as the absence of a physical office space or nondescript trucks, when reviewing the local choices. Read testimonials and online reviews to spot those who have a good track record.


It is tempting to just start shoving everything into any box where it fits, especially if you have limited time to move. This works against you in the long run, though. Designate each box for a specific room. Color code the boxes and provide a key so that movers know exactly where each box belongs when they unload. The more you organize as you pack, the faster you can unpack and get settled into your new home.

Moving can be stressful, but you can eliminate a lot of that angst by having and executing a good plan. Give yourself enough time to be well-prepared when the movers arrive.


Tips for Hosting an Incredible Women's Ministry Program

As you become intentional about developing amazing women's ministry programs, you'll quickly learn that it's not as complicated as it seems. If you remain extremely prepared and provide the right atmosphere, the women will feel ministered to. Consider the following tips to host an incredible women's ministry event. 

1. Develop a team. Don't make the mistake of trying to take on this endeavor by yourself. Instead, it's always wise to incorporate the help of a team. You can put someone in charge of advertising. Another person can be in charge of gathering the food for the event. Someone else can manage the speakers for the event. Utilize your team so it doesn't fall on you. 

2. Provide refreshments. Who doesn't want to come to an event with good food? In this case, you can serve light refreshments. Even if you don't have a large budget, it's always great to provide food. Plus, it's easy to get creative. A large punch bowl, chips and brownies can go far. Don't let finances stop you. There are ways to stretch food in order to feed the masses that come to your event. 

3. Advertise in advance. Don't wait until a week before the event to advertise it. Instead, you'll want to make sure you promote the event in advance. Begin to create buzz a month before. This way, women can set aside time in their schedule to make sure they prioritize the event. Another great way to promote the event involves adding a charitable factor. It's always amazing when a ministry can actively give back to others. If you're charging a small fee for this christian women workshop, reserve a portion of the proceeds to cover missions and work that serves the community. 

4. Give women room to communicate and process. While it's really nice for women to get together to listen to a speaker, women want to converse with one another. More than anything else, women want to feel like they're heard. They want to feel like they have a safe space to communicate with others. Even if you have a panel or a keynote speaker, make sure there's a part of the program that's dedicated to dialogue, questions and conversation.


Fresh Spring Changes

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With springtime comes the exciting promise of new life. Get into the spirit of the season by making small, positive changes around the home. The atmosphere can change dramatically with just a few little alterations. Make home feel as bright and happy as spring feels!

Rearrange Furniture

Breathe new life into rooms by rearranging existing furniture, or by rehoming pieces that no longer belong. Life changes, so sometimes a different setup makes more sense than the old one did. A new perspective is refreshing! An added bonus is that rearranging gives an opportunity to clean and get rid of things. For added ease, mount phenolic caster wheels on smaller furniture pieces to make them mobile. Phenolic plastic prevents scuffs and scratches, so hard floors are safe.

Coffee Station

Even if it’s only a small corner, dedicate a space in the kitchen to a coffee station. A small console table from another room even works in a pinch.
  • Keep coffee and tea easily within reach by unboxing them from their original packaging and putting them into matching canisters. Do the same for sugar. Beans and leaves will stay fresher longer, and it looks so much nicer than having mismatched, half-empty containers sitting around.
  • Clean up the space by keeping canisters and items like filters on a tray or plate nearby. If there is a spill or drips, the tray can be easily moved and cleaned.
  • Mount special coffee mugs on the wall using a mug rack or even simple cup hooks. To avoid added clutter and to make the space look cleaner, keep the number of mugs to a maximum of 5.

Clean Windows and Drapes

Take down all the window coverings. Get curtains and drapes in the washing machine or to the dry cleaner’s, and take blinds into the shower and spray them down. (This is a dirty, wet job, so be sure to wear grubby clothes in the process!) While coverings are being washed, let in as much of the spring light as possible. Using a solution of dish soap, water, and vinegar buff the windows with cloths until they shine. Add a nice, natural touch and place a vase of fresh flowers on a table. The whole room just feels nicer with flowers!

Using what’s available and shedding new light on existing items brings a whole new perspective on home decor. It doesn’t take big money or all new decor to give the home a spring makeover.

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