How Far Along Is Beyonce?

Well, now that the world knows the important news, that Beyonce is indeed, pregnant, with twins no less, we have to move on to other important questions, like HOW far along IS she? Internet sleuths have been trying to figure it out since the day she announced, deciphering her baby bump, her announcement photos, the date she announced, and more, all in hopes of figuring out when these two little bundles of joy are going to be welcomed into the world.
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Some experts are saying that based on the size of Bey's baby bump, she looks to be about twenty weeks along. That's far enough along to know the sex of the babies already! How exciting is that?! That means that she will be really close to her due date around the time of the Coachella music festival, which is causing a little bit of worry as to whether or not she will be able to perform.

The last time that Queen Bey was photographed in public was way back on November 5, 2016, when she attended the after party for Solange's SaturdayNight Live episode. Upon examination of those photos, she doesn't look extremely pregnant there, in fact, we couldn't notice a baby bump at all. So, that was three months ago, and judging by that, we are guessing she is in fact around twenty weeks along. That means it won't be too long at all until we are meeting the babies! So exciting!


Weekend Inspirations: Psalm 57:10

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