Keeping Up With Your Cat's Expectations

When a situation arises that makes it necessary for you to board your cat, there are a variety of concerns you may have. You want to find a facility that you feel provides a safe environment for your cat. It's important that your kitty be housed in an environment that is separately vented, viral-free area. You also want to know that the area where your cat will stay is designed to be stress-free. Loud noises and excessive, unfamiliar activity can make your cat nervous.

Comfy Cat CondosIf your cat could go in search of a facility that would meet its expectations, it would likely choose a luxury cat boarding setting such as Paw Print Inn. They would be delighted with condos they have which include an intriguing play tower, a comfortable napping area with luxurious bedding and glass fronts which allow them to observe activity from a distant. They wouldn't mind if you requested some special treats, individualized play time and maybe even nightly story time for them while they are there. You know how cats like to use every opportunity to get the best for themselves using "guilty owner syndrome" as a persuasive tactic.                                                                                                                                                                                             When you find a boarding facility that meets your expectations and pampers your cat as it expects to be pampered, you can travel with peace of mind. Your only concern might be that upon your return, your cat may have developed higher expectations that you will be expected to meet.


Everything Happens Right on Time

Thanks i found this simple reminder. The past weeks i feel so discouraged cause i feel that all my plans for this year are not happening the way i expect it to happen. But yesterday i read Pastor Joel Osteen's blog and in his article entitled "Your Due Season is Here" he said:

 I believe in this due season year that God is going to cause things to fall into place. He is going to make things happen that you couldn't make happen on your own.

So today, I stay in agreement with God.

"Lord, thank You that 2015 is my due season year. Lord, I believe this is my year to get healthy and whole. This is my year to meet the people who will help me fulfill my dreams. This is my year to go further in my career and step into a new level of my destiny!" 


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