A night of fun and music

My musician friend showed us her collection of musical instruments last night. We are thrilled to see all of his collections and we were not disappointed because he even allowed us to try each of them. Well he has five different guitars, a keyboard and piano, a drum set, and some wind instruments like flute and saxophone. We really admire him for his talent and passion in music. One thing i noticed is that he also have different pedals and they need an organizer, so i thought of giving him a pedalboard on his birthday next month. I'll buy him a pedaltrain nano Pedal Board with Soft Case. I'm sure he will like it. 

Then my my kids and my friend's children started playing the instruments. Some of us sang a song as well. It was a night full of fun and music.  It was indeed a very memorable bonding moments for all of us.


365 days

God is mindful of us everyday...He is in control..

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Tubes for musical instrument amplifiers

Most musicians are using amplifiers in order to get the best out in their music instruments. And part of amplifiers that gives great sound quality is the tube. Tubes have different types and of those, preamp tube is the most common. If you want to customize your tube amplifier's voice, start with the preamp tube since they do the heavy lifting of tone generation. Preamp tubes works as translators that convert an electric guitar signal into an audio tone. 

Likewise, you can also add one or several tubes, depending on your amp's design and power level. Just check your amplifier's wiring diagram to see which one comes first in line , look for the one that will have the biggest impact when changed. Whether you're customizing your tubes or doing a routine replacement with another of your favorite preamp tubes, you'll find plenty of options and great deal here! 


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