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Today marks the 48th year of my existence here on earth and I thank the LORD for his great love and  faithfulness in my life. There are many ups and downs, even storms that came our way but by His grace we overcame and will continue to overcome.  

Thank you Father for blessing me more than what I deserve! I pray for your continuous blessings upon me and my family. Make us a channel of blessings to others and may we always bring honor and glory to your name, in Jesus name. Amen.


Tips for Making Moving Day Fun for Your Child

Moving day can be an exciting but boring day for your little one. They are excited to see the moving truck and head to their new home, but they do not want to sit on the sidelines while you have all the fun. Use the following tips to make moving day fun for your child.

fast moving3Help With Packing

One idea is to let your child help you pack items such as toys, towels and blankets. If your child is a little older, they can help you pack DVDs, games and small books. You can even hide little surprises for them to find as they pack, such as stickers, temporary tattoos and candy.

Packing Their Box

Your child is sure to enjoy packing their own box to take in the car. The box should include items that make your child feel comfortable, such as their favorite book or stuffed animal. You may decide to add a pack of their favorite cookies. Let your child decorate their special box with crayons and stickers.

Drawing a Map

You can keep your child busy by asking them to draw a map of their new room. They can draw their furniture or paste snapshots on a piece of construction paper. It keeps them from feeling bored when you do not have another task for them, and it gives them something to look forward to in their new home.

Decorating The Box

Another idea is to ask your child to help you seal the boxes, but your child may need help with the packaging tape for this task. Once the boxes are secure, let them decorate with stickers and washable markers. You can even let your older children create a colorful label for each box. Your child is going to be busy for a while because there are many boxes that need to be sealed and decorated.

You are helping your child to stay busy and happy on moving day, but you may need help to get through the day yourself. It is best to hire local movers Hackettstown NJ for your big move.


Hello and welcome my birth month

August is here and I welcome my birth month with good vibes! Declaring everything good thing, favor and abundant blessings for me and my family. 

Father God may this month be a start of a new chapter in my life, dedicated in bringing honor and glory to Your name. Help me Lord to live my life according to Your will. May I be a channel of blessing to others. In Jesus most precious name I pray. Amen

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