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The holidays are a time for reflection on the events of the year and what we want to accomplish for the new one.  Better health is often at the top of the list of things we want to focus on.  Not everyone wants to lose weight, in fact, there’s a trend away from body image shaming and placing on emphasis on getting too thin for the wrong reasons.  But healthy is always in.  And that includes healthy hearing and sight.
If you are diabetic, you probably know that many people with this disease find out they have it because they wake up one morning and their sight is so bad they can’t see. This happens because there is so much sugar in the lenses of the eyes they almost congeal.  Taking care of your sight becomes of the utmost importance from then on. I know because it happened to me.  
One thing I’ve encountered is the high price of glasses and frames which has made it difficult to afford to change my prescriptions as often as I should.  Well, that was the case until I found out about the low prices on Zenni Optical.  If you are concerned about the high price of prescription glasses and need to update your prescription you should try using a Groupon coupon for Zenni Optical and see how much money you can save.
I was attending a wedding recently and commented on the lovely glasses one of the guest was wearing.  She told me she bought them online, and that it was easy and convenient to do.  She really shocked me when she said she only paid $6.95 for frames because they fit her face perfectly even though she had never tried them on.  She used her prescription to order the lenses and used the Zenni online feature to see how her face would look in her new frames and voila!  New lenses and frames for less.
If you check out Zenni right now you’ll see great deals and saving of 10% on Active eyewear, Sophisticated eyewear, Kid’s eyewear and more.  They even have freebies you can easily qualify to receive.   And the online fit feature was easy to use.  You just upload a photo of your face and select the frame style you want.

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I’m so glad I learned about Zenni Optical that day.  Since then I’ve told the folks in my support group about the site and the Groupons that can save them money, and possibly save their sight, too. 


Our very own Kids on the Block Band

There is an area in my parents new house that is vacant and the space is quite big. They said, that's where they are planning to place the musical instruments for their grandchildren. It will be a piano, a drum set and guitar. My parents are excited to see and hear all their grandchildren play music together. My mom said she wants to consider buying first-rate digital pianos instead of the ordinary keyboard. We already have our own guitar and I'm also planning to buy gibson pickups.

So far, my daughter is the only one who can play the keyboard so summer next year the other kids are set to enroll in music school to learn to play musical instruments. I'm also excited to see the making of our very own Kids on the Block Band.^_^


The Path to Peace and Happiness

Often times, when trouble visits or life, we look for ways to solve our own problems without consulting our higher source. We forget that we have a caretaker, someone that looks after us throughout all of the seasons of life. It is during these times that life looks very dark and uncertain to us, and confusion and doubt seem to live on every corner. What we must understand and remember during these periods in our lives is that we have forgotten that there's a higher force bigger than any problem that is ready willing and available to us at any time. We just need to go to him.

Peace Not of This World
If we base our happiness and sense of stability on the world the joyous moments we experience will always be fleeting. One good upset or setback can turn our good spirits upside down. However, if we look to our source as a stabilizing force, regardless of what situations we are weathering in our lives, we will find the promised peace that is not of this world. If we carry our troubles to him, because he's the best friend we will ever have, he will give our spirits all the rest peace and joy we need, and we won't have to ride the roller coaster of our feelings. He'll give us a peace that sustains us and gives us the ability, calm, and patience to weather any storm with a clear head.

The Fruits of a Calm Spirit
The beauty of gaining unconditional peace is that it soothes our emotions and our spirit. It takes away our worry replacing it with a stillness and calm. We could have just experienced a major earthquake and need everything rebuilt from the driveway asphalt to the pool in the backyard, but that peaceful calm will settle over us providing comfort and giving us the intuition to understand that everything will be alright.

Letting Go
We must first learn to give up struggling with our problems. It feels like we are doing something to improve our lot but we really aren't. Struggle just builds stress. Once we learn to go to our source with all of our worries and concerns we are free to relax and continue to do what we need to do. We are left with an amazing peace that transcends all understanding. As difficult as it may be, we must learn to let go of struggle.

So, trust the peace that our source promises and enjoy the calm that comes from trusting a much more powerful force for our well-being and happiness. Let go of the struggle. It's no longer necessary to carry such heavy burdens on your shoulders.


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