Fast learner

My son is doing well in his guitar lesson. He already learned how to strum the guitar strings and read guitar chords. Every time he finishes one session he would always show me what he had learned. He is really a fast learner. I believe that in the near future he will also join her sister in our church music team and serve God through the music ministry. And as proud parents we are very supportive of our kids. So i'm saving some budget for a branded guitar for him. I saw my friend wearing ibanez t shirt and he told me about Ibanez guitars. So I added this brand in my shorlist.


God's Provisions

Father God today I pray for provisions for our family. I pray that we'll get another source of income so we could pay all our bills and all our debts. I claim your promise Lord that You will supply all our needs. In Jesus name. Amen


Jerry Cantrell’s guitar

I’m planning to buy stickers for my son’s guitar, he saw some of Jerry Cantrell’s guitars and he loves how Jerry dressed up his guitars by adding stickers to them.  However I don’t know where to buy good quality stickers for guitar.  I’ll be needing the help of my musician friends, I know they are the one who can help me. 


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