Desperate blogger

It’s really a tough week for me because it’s school enrollment once again! My budget for the tuition fees and other school expenses is really not enough for my two kids. I even get more disappointed because in the past years our company is giving us incentive for our children’s school supplies. But yesterday, we learned that our president decided to abolish that incentive effective this year. Ouch!

Prices of commodities, especially gasoline increases every week! When I became partially disabled, I was forced to get our own car as my service. And since I don’t have gasoline allowance from our office, I have to shoulder my gasoline expenses. Imagine almost half of my salary goes to my gasoline expense! It’s really depressing and stressful.

When I learned that there’s a way to earn online specifically through blogging, I thought of giving it a try even though I’m not good in writing or I really don’t have writing skills. And so, after doing some research and reading a lot of blogs, i was able to create my own :)

Now here I am, a desperate blogger, hoping to find space and fortune? in the world wide web!

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