Mom's 60th birthday

Last Saturday May 3, was my mother's 60th birthday. We had a simple celebration in their home. She said she just want to celebrate her birthday simply with her children and grandchildren and decided not to invite so many guests. She only called her sister who's just nearby her house. The party food was just enough for us, I made some macaroni salad and my mom cooked pancit canton. My sister and sister-in-law brought the cakes. My brother and his family who's in charge of the ice cream was not able to come, they had to rush his father-in-law to a hospital due to a minor accident.

I can't explain the feeling but you see, ice cream is always a part of birthday parties, and without ice cream birthday is not complete! But anyway it's just me hehe.. the kids still had fun eating cakes. The cake bought from Goldilocks is rocky road flavor and another chocolate flavored from Red Ribbon.

We also missed our two bothers, one is in Dubai and our youngest is in a hospital duty. I know my mother would have been happier if we are complete, good thing all of her apos were there and their presence made her happy enough on her special day. Since most of her apos are of the same age the day was full of kulitan. There are times they quarrel on some petty things that's why sometimes meron ding iyakan.hehe..

I know my mother deserves more than what we had prepared for her after all the hardships she went through intaking care of us. If only I had the financial means I would like to treat her to a first class spa and massage center. I know she's really overworked and she'll surely love the experience of full body scrub and massage. I hope on her next birthday I can finally give it to her.

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  1. You sound like you really love and understand your mom. What a lovely daughter you must be. I love these photos of her birthday, especially the amazing cake. Greetings from a South African granny!