Summer fun

Here are my two kids, Alyana and Marco. They really love to swim. When they learned that we have a reunion in a resort they were so excited. My son always count the days and asked me, "Mommy how many sleeps away before we go to the resort?" Sometimes I get tired of answering the same question everyday but seeing my son's twinkling eyes and the great smile in his face makes me feel excited just as they are. Even if it means that I just have to watch them while swimming and splashing in the cool waters of the pool.

Ever since my right foot was amputated, I just make myself contented in watching my family swim and having fun. Even if I can just stand or sit in the pool side, I still opted not to go because I know people will look at me and I don't like the feeling. "Sigh" I hope someday I can have my own resort..

Well who knows.. my dream might come true.. life is full of surprises!

Cheers! :)

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