Balance Work and Motherhood

During the day I focus on my work, but when I go home, it's all about my children. I make sure that we spend "Mommy time" together. After dinner, i assist my kids in doing their homeworks, this is also our bonding time together. Marco and Alyana usually tell stories about their experiences and adventures in school. Most of them are funny stories that's why i really enjoy spending time with them. Other bonding moments for us is watching their favorite cartoons and movies together. My son loves to watch Pokemon and Sponge Bob, while my daughter is addicted to High School Musical. But if you're going to ask my children what bonding moment they would really enjoy.. they will both say--"a day at the Mall while eating our favorite pizza !" I remember my daughter even took some pictures of the pizza we bought one time. She says, "In loving memory of our PiZZa." hehe =)

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  1. yes...i love mommy and kids moment time...though now lang me nahihirapan talaga with all the adjustments. i love pizza too!!!

    dito me!