The Measure of Our Worth

Last week i received a text message from a high school friend. She said we have a class reunion in one of our classmates' house. At first i was excited, i decided to come because i haven't seen them for a long time. But the next day I've changed my mind, i felt i'm not ready to face them. I know most of them are successful now in their careers and businesses. Me? I'm just an ordinary employee working 9-10 hours a day in the office and an extended hours at home.

This morning in my devotion, i realized i was wrong. I have measured my value with the wrong standards! God doesn't think more or less of us based on our job, our bank account, our home. Our worth and dignity are rooted in the fact that God created us and that His Son died for us. What's important to Him is our degree of trust and our service done for His sake.

"Many who are first will be last, and the last first." --Matt. 19:30


  1. Korek, Mommy Elvz, you've measured yourself by the wrong standards. Wala po sa ganon yun. Just imagine, some of them maybe executives now or have amassed wealth already, but are they happy and at peace inside?

    Go and attend na po. It'll be fun! :)

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Never measure yourself to these standards, I have learned it. When I sometimes feel the same way as you I always think about that maybe others are successful in their careers and such, but not so successful on other areas of life. Maybe they have a bad marriage, health care problems, etc. If you are happy with your life, or not that happy but know your goals and working on them then you are successful aswell.
    I always measure my success to my own goals. :)

  3. How lovely! Our worth comes only from the Lord!

  4. Thanks for your messages ladies :)

    That's why I really thank God for His Words, our true guide for daily living. During my devotion/quiet time God speaks to me thru His Words. Iba talaga if we commit our lives to Him, yung mali nating naiisip nare-realize natin na mali once we meditate on the teachings of Jesus :)

    God bless to everyone!

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  6. hi mommy elvz, makiki-mommy elvz na din. :)

    ako naman i like attending class reunions kase you get to meet old friends and classmates. tapos reminiscing..

    and yes, sometimes i envy those who have a better life and career, but not envy, envy. i'm happy for their achievements and success but i'm also thankful that i may not be as lucky and successful like some of them (career wise), but at least i am happy with what i am and what i have right now. a simple but happy life. kahit na maraming problema. hindi naman mawawala yun. kasama yun sa buhay e.

    sabi ng tatay ko, we must learn to be contented with what we have/own para pag may dumating na blessing, mas ma-appreciate natin. :)