Postural Exercises for Women

Desk jobs, wearing high heels, constantly trying to pull in our tummies, standing too long in lines and poor self-image all can contribute to bad posture. In a lifetime these add up causing many women to develop poor posture and muscular imbalances that not only inhibit graceful movement but also cause pain. Two of the most common problems are forward head posture and slumping shoulders.

These exercises can't guarantee you'll never develop a "dowager's" hump but they can go a long ways in correcting the imbalances and strengthening the muscles that will help you hold and maintain correct posture.

Posture is a habit and like any habit, it can be learned. Sometimes the unlearning takes more time than the learning. Posture experts suggest you try the 9-12-3-6 method. At each quarter of your 12-hour day take a posture check and be sure that your head is back, neck over your shoulders, shoulders over your hips and hips over your feet. It also helps to think royally:imagine your head with a heavy crown that you must walk with! It really works!

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  1. nice post!
    just gave birth and i feel that i am always slumping my shoulders, i think i'll give your advice a try.
    have a nice day!