Weekly Fest #5: First Day School Blues

June 10, 2008, first day of school classes how can i forget this day? I woke up at 4:00 am, it was 2 hours earlier than my regular wake up time. It was sooo hard to get out of bed and take a cold shower! Ok forget about me, this is about my kids' first day in school.
It's Alyana's first day in high school, and since she's a transferee everything will be her firsts in that school. I was a bit worried about her, she's a shy type person and i can't help but think on how she's going to cope with her new surroundings and to the people around her.With Marco, it was also his first time to go to his school without his sister with him. Although he's been in the same school for 2 years, i can sense that he's a little bit nervous now that his sister has transferred and no longer around to guide him.

We arrived at my son's school quite early, only few students and teachers were around, so i accompanied him to his new classroom and told him to just wait for his teacher and classmates
, we need to leave at once to get to her ate's school on time. Although he agreed, i 'm a bit anxious on leaving our "bunso" alone. But i can't stay there my daughter also needs my company.

On our way naman to Alyana's school, we were surprised at the heavy traffic near the perimeter of the school. We thought it was too early and we'll be ahead of the others. My daughter began to worry and I was worried too for her! We still need to find her room number in the School Bulletin Board.We know
the place is already crowded with mothers and students looking for their own class section and room numbers. While in the midst of the traffic, i told my husband that we'll just get off the car and take a walk rather than waiting. But he didn't allow us, he said it's dangerous especially for me because of my disability. So we just waited.. and prayed.
Upon arrival we rushed into the school's entrance gate but the guard stopped me and told me that the parents are not allowed to used that gate, i was redirected to the other gate. I was separated from my daughter and i began to worry again for her. I rushed to the other gate so i could meet her fast inside! I met her at the school's lobby, we immediately find our way through the crowd to look for her room number. Luckily we made it! around 3 or 4 minutes before the bell, we were able to locate Alyana's room. I accompanied her to her classroom and stayed for a while to make sure she's fine and settled before i leave.
At the office, i can't help but think of my son the whole day. If only i can split myself into two so i can attend to both of them at the same time. Gosh! i only have two kids, i wonder how mothers of three or more children feel at times like this?

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  1. hello mommy! this is very nice. akala ko wala na mag join...akin na lang sana ang book. hehehe...

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  2. wow! someone else posted! :)

    ahh i hope i don't lose my mind when i have kids of my own! hehehe in the future, i'm thinking of letting them go to school in the philippines.....the US is not a good place for kids to grow up..

    btw i tagged you here

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  3. hi there! ang hirap talaga no kasi hindi natin mailagay sarili natin sa lahat ng lugar na kailangan tayo... oh well, the challenges of being a mother! (kala ko nga wala ng mag-join at sa akin na mapupunta ang book. it's so nice to read great posts like this!)

  4. Hello mommy ruby, zriz and jo ann. salamat sa pagdalaw.

    Isa lang yan sa marami ko ng experiences sa mga anak ko.. imagine my kids are 12 and 7 yrs old na at tlagang mahirap ang role nating mga nanay especially sa working nanay na tulad ko.

    Kaya yung book na yan will be very helpful sa kin hehe. Ty!

  5. @ mommy elvz,

    well said po ang comment nyo. hehehe

  6. i remmber how i was when i was a kid! lol. great blog! keep it up.;-)

  7. Hi Mommy Elvz, thanks for the visit. Nice site you got here. Like you, I have four kids naman, sometimes I really wished I can divide my time equally to my kids. Three of them go to big school, the youngest is homeschooling. Hay, we just have to make do of whatever extra time we have.