A blogger's wish

I missed my blogs, for two days i wasn't able to access my computer. Last Thursday my computer was down because of defective power supply, my officemate was able to change the power supply supply with a new one but it's almost end of office hours when he finished so i didn't had the chance to open my blogger account and write some posts. Yesterday i was on leave naman, we went to Unionbank to get my EON Cyber account card. Finally i can update my Paypal account, i was not so serious in blogging last year that's why i didn't bother to get a credit card or EON but now that i'm determined i didn't waste more time. A few weeks from now i'll receive my first online income from writing! hopefully i'll get paid talaga. And now that i take blogging seriously, I wish more opportunity will come my way. May God bless me :)


  1. hi mommy elvz! please join my daily drops ring...I would be dropping by AND commenting to your posts daily or as often as I can. I'm making this ring because I do love reading your posts and commenting but it is just so hard to follow through even when I have you on my reader. Hope you would join. Thanks! Click here for the link.

  2. that's great news mommy! sunod sunod na yan. don't worry. God will surely bless your good heart.

    was here.

    Pinay Mommy Online
    Blessings and Beyond

  3. Hello everyone,

    Zriz i joined already :)

    Mommy Ruby and Carol thanks to both of you.

    God bless us! mwah