Busy day

For the past days, i've got lots of memes from my dear online friends. Sometimes i'm confused which one to post first. hehe.. Of course i'm thankful to all of them! i really appreciate this kind of attention they give to me and to my blog.

Sometimes when i'm very busy or can't think of anything to say or post, tags and memes are to the rescue. I can keep my blog post updated and at the same time i can promote my blog through the links associated in the tag.

And today i'll be busy again, i'll continue updating my other blog, Mighty in Spirit. The other day i just finished changing it's template, now i'll be busy blog hopping to exchange links with other sites. Luckily in our office we are free to surf the internet anytime.
I just wish i have few work assignments today and have the luxury of time to update my blog and do my rounds of dropping and hopping.


Z'riz July 11, 2008 at 7:03 AM  

hi mommy! tagged you here

Deranged Insanity
Traipsey Turvey

aeirin July 11, 2008 at 10:34 AM  

Hahaha... I' one of the reasons why you have so many memes

Anyway mommy, here are your entries for Aeirin's Collections EC FEED ME GIVEAWAYS week 2

grabbed Biz-N-Honey's Badge (2 entries)
BONUS Entry: grab the EC FEED ME GIVEAWAYS badge (5 entries)

Total 7 entries


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