Car troubles

My husband always dream of driving a brand new car. For four years he’s been driving a second hand car and in all these years he never had peace of mind while driving. That’s because old car’s conditions are unpredictable. Like two weeks ago, the car’s radiator fan did not work, that caused the engine to overheat! Last week we’re supposed to leave for school and office but hubby was surprised when he saw one of the tires was flat just when he had the tire’s air checked the day before. Now we’re hearing a “toktok” sound underneath the car, he said one of the tires ball joint has to be replaced soon. My husband has little knowledge on car fixing that’s why he’s worried sometimes. He said what if the car just stopped in the middle of the road and he’s driving alone. Car trouble and maintenance repair not only gives us headache but “hole in our pockets” as well!
Since the car is a necessity for us as I have mentioned in my previous post, we’re really considering of getting a brand new car, but in our situation the only way we could acquire a brand new car is to get an auto loan. We’re thinking that it’s better to get a brand new car and pay for monthly amortization rather than spending our money on recurring car repairs. I know with our economic situation, where prices of commodities are getting higher, especially gasoline prices are increasing it’s hard to think that we could afford to buy a brand new car. But we live by faith, the Bible says prayer can move mountains and with God nothing is impossible! So we’ll just keep hoping, dreaming and believing.

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