Rest day

Hello! it's monday again, back to work and back to school for kids. It's another busy week ahead of us. Today i'm still thinking on what to prioritize among my lined up duties. Kinda hard to start my Monday in the office, my supposed rest day (Sunday) was not really a rest day for me. We don't have househelp at home so i need to fix things first before i could take a rest.

Yesterday we didn't go to Church, hubby told me that we just stay home so the kids will be able to take enough rest because my son's schedule of Long Test last week was until Saturday. For six days they have to wake up early so yesterday we just let them sleep as long as they want. How i love to do the same, sleep as long as i want! But mommy have to wake up early or else they'll get hungry hehe. Maybe, a few years from now when they can do some chores on their own. But I wonder when that time come, will my Sunday be really a rest day? I'll keep you updated peeps =)

Have a nice day everyone!

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