Surprise call

Last week my cousin and “kababata” made a surprise call. The last time we talked was 2 years ago. That time I heard the depressing news from her that she was a victim of an Online Investment Scam. She said at first it was promising, her investment multiplied so fast. She and her family even had a chance to travel to Hongkong because of that. But eventually her joy did not lasts, her investment just blew away when they found out that the Company has gone away with their hard earned money. What’s worst with my cousin is, since she’s a bank teller she convinced some of the bank clients to join with her. And what happened after that incident, all of those bank clients were after her! They demand that she returned all the money they invested. My cousin was so helpless, she was crying while sharing her sad fate. She just pleaded with her branch manager not to report the incident to the management because definitely she will be terminated. At that time I said to her that financially I can’t help her and the only thing I can offer is my prayer that God will help and deliver her from her situation.
After that conversation for 2 years I did not hear from her, until last week she called me up again. When I heard her voice I thought she has already recovered. But she told me that there were some people still harassing her, she tried her best to return a part of their investment, but they want her to return their 100% investment which she’s not capable of. Now her plan was to go to USA, she said her husband’s sister is in America and that he wants her to try to work there. Last year her husband went to US as tourist and now that he’s back in our country he said it’s now her turn. She said she really do not want to leave her job and that she wants to prove that she doesn’t want people to think that she’s escaping from them and that she don’t want to give in to trials, but then since she was granted with US visa, her branch manager advised her to just file for resignation rather than be terminated, because once terminated she can’t get separation pay and other benefits from the company.
Though it’s hard for my cousin to leave her three kids, her youngest is only 3 months old, she has decided to go to US, she said it’s her only way to financial recovery. She told me she needs money right away to buy for a plane ticket and she asked me if I know where she could apply for a loan. She said it’s her only way to get money because her family already spent for the wedding of her youngest brother and that she can’t ask for financial help. Again even if I wanted to lend her the money she needs, I have nothing to give because of my own situation. I just recommend some financial institutions where she can get quick cash loans. After an hour we ended our conversation with a promise that we’ll see each other before she leaves for US. I’d like to talk to her and pray for her personally, I hope she’ll be able to visit here in our province.

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  1. sounds like we are in the same boat.

    kamusta mommy?? going to sleep na ako. just here to drop by some love. hehehe

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