Suggestions please

I had a chat with Mommy Ruby this morning, as always she's there to guide me in my new (blogging) career.. hehehe. I want to take this seriously especially on making money online. In fact I'm considering of getting my own computer at home to get more online opportunities. But I'm having second thoughts, the money I will use to buy my computer plus the internet connection will just come from salary loan. I'm a bit worried because these are additional monthly expenses for us and I'm wondering if the online opportunities I will get will help me earn enough to cover this additional expenses plus an extra income for our needs.

I need your advice guys, please share your experiences. Should I go on with my plan? Sabi nga ni Kris, Is it a deal or no deal? :)

Thanks in advance.


  1. That's a nice idea sis to get a new pc and have it hooked up to the internet pero if it's going to be on salary loan siguro i'd think first about getting a takes time for you to get the PR to grab higher priced opps so para sa akin, domain first tapos if stable na yung earnings mo online then you can get the pc and subsequent connection...

    one month pa nga yung domain ko and i still haven't got ranked by Google and as a result I still haven't grabbed opps from PPP and the like...SS lang at yung medyo malaking Opps only for US bloggers lang...

    that's my advice lang sis... :)

  2. Mommy, may point si Zriz. Kasi maraming site ang hindi pde ang blogspot. Kaya nga I bought my own domain para mas maraming opps... And pagnagpalit k ng domain, lahat ng stats mo marereset, in short back to zero ka.

    Like Zriz one month pa lang din domain ko, kaya d naapprove sa ibang site like payu2blog, loudlaunch, ect kasi kelngang may page rank kn.

    If you think mas makakconcentrate ka sa blog mo pag may own pc ka, go ka. pero for your first few months bka mahirapan ka dahil nga konti plang opps mo.. hirap p naman mag abang sa PPP at SS.

    Pero ako ung laptop ko, galing din sa salary loan. tpos wala pa akong work, so goodluck nlng sakin. kelangan ko ng karirin ang blogging... hehe

    Whatever your decision mommy, support ka namin..

  3. sure sis! handle ko sa ym is zerisse... :) just drop me a line that says pinay mommy dreamer or mommy elvz kasi i don't add peeps i don't know sa YM ko...hehehe glad I could help! :)

  4. Hi sis! I agree with sis Zriz. As I can see here in your blog, you are still able to get opps from SocialSpark. So I would also suggest you to go get your own domain name first and build it up. :) Having an own domain gives more opportunities (especially on PayU2Blog, trust me with this. I got paid almost $70 for getting approved on PayU2Blog.) ^_^

    So if you are stable enough with your online earnings, then it is time for you to buy the computer. :)

    May I know if you are using a computer now on an internet cafe?

    Business Mars

  5. Zriz, Aeirin, Maricel

    Salamat mga sisters sa advice nyo i really appreciate it. mwah!

    i know kayong tatlo ang may new domains and may mga new experiences din, kaya i'm so happy you shared your experiences and suggestions.

    now i know my next step, this past days talaga di ako maka concentrate.

    Cel dito ko sa office nag-iinternet medyo patago hehe..

    Thanks ulit mga sis, i'll inform u by next week if makakuha na ko ng domain ko.

    Happy weekend and God bless!

  6. hello mommy elvz!!

    that's nice to know that you are seriously taking blogging seriously now and thanks for the special mention. got really busy this week because hubby was hope and we are trying to spend time with the family as much as possible.

    anyway, based on my experienced, i really risked a lot. my PC was bought using cash plus credit card and i resigned from work with a ZERO page rank blog. basically i was a doomed to financial disaster!! but of course it was my choice, since i wanted to become a stay at home mom, i was very determined to do it. kinareer ko ang pag blog.

    if you noticed from my income posts at momemo, my earnings for the first month was roughly 3000 pesos but as months went by it slowly increased in different figures. i was able to earn 22,000 pesos in a month. from my income, i was able to pay-off my debts slowly, paid my internet expenses, and buy food for the family. all in less than 6 months.

    i had a PR3 when i left my blogspot address but i didn't regret it, more opportunities opened when i got my own domain. though it took me 3 month to get PR4.

    now, depende pa rin yun sa iyo since you are working and your domain is from blogger pa. getting your own domain would be the best choice for now since google has just upated and you have 3 months to work your PR.

    but, just one thought, even if you have your own domain and still have no access at home, your opportunities will still be minimal because opps that are up for grabs are usually given after 12 midnight especially PPP, SS and LOUDLAUNCH.

    so the best thing i can say is...just to avoid risking too much and if you can wait a little more. i do the advice given by the three marias above, get a domain and work to get a PR. after that, buy your PC and get an internet connection.

    but if you like to be motivated by risk, gayahin mo kami ni iris. hehehehe...

    taas ng post ko, este comment pala.

    Pinay Mommy Online
    Blessings and Beyond
    Mommy Earns Money Online

  7. salamat pinay mommy!

    with all your advices and suggestions mga sis alam ko na yung daan na dapat kong tahakin (hehe ang lalim b ng tagalog?)

    now i'll work out na lng muna yung domain name and PR ko, anyway i can freely use naman yung internet d2 s office so pra mka iwas muna n ko sa loan sa pagbili ng computer ko.

    Pero kakaririn ko na tlaga to hehe kya goal ko before christmas i'll have my pc na :)

    thanks mga sis! God bless you all!

  8. yehey Mommy, wala k ng problem sa domain mo.. you have your own domain.. congrats

  9. mga mommy thanks sa comment nyo nainspired po 2loy ako..sna minsan mkachat ko rin kau..:)hihihi