Grateful for the thorns

It’s another long weekend for me because it's nonworking holiday on Monday here in the Philippines. I’ll be away from my computer and will not be able to blog and hop and drop for two days. Anyway before I’ll have my vacation i want to leave this post something to ponder upon :)

Sometimes to give thanks in every situation in our lives is very difficult. When our bodies are wracked by pain, or we have just learned that we are sick and there’s no cure, or we have lost our job, or a marriage or cherished relationship has been broken, we don’t feel grateful. But we can learn to thank God because He gives us strength when we feel weak. That is why apostle Paul could say in 2 Cor. 12:10, “I take pleasure in infirmities…in distress for Christ’s sake.” And as believers we can be grateful that through such experiences God is accomplishing what is best for us. Even through suffering God is working for our good.

As we surrender ourselves to the Lord remember that He is working in everything to accomplish our ultimate good, we can thank Him even when we are pierced by “thorns.”

Want to share this inspirational song, one of my favorites: The Warrior is a Child and Do I Trust You by Twila Paris.

God bless everyone, happy weekend!


  1. Hi Mommy Elvz,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for allowing metropolismom to be advertised in your EC. Thank you for the You tube post. I love the song "The warrior is a child."

    All the things that you said in your post are true. I also had my shared sentiments and experiences of loosing someone and being stubbed behind my back by a friend, but on these darkest point of my life, I realized that I am greatful for what had happen because it made me see who were the real persons loving me and really consider me as a friend. It is in these times, I realize I have enough strength to face my life the next day with a smile in spite of a piercing thorn in my heart.

  2. Hello Metropolismom,

    You're welcome and thanks also for dropping by and sharing us your experiences.

    Like you i'm grateful for the thorns in my life 'cause those thorns made me a stronger person and help me experienced God in my life i just hold on to his promise that will never leave us nor forsake us.

  3. Mommy Elvz, the thorns in our lives make us stronger and helps us to believe. And by the way I love the song! "The Warrior is the Child" pala ang title nyan? Hehehe I've heard it na pala...

    BTW bakit nonworking holiday na naman sa Pinas?