Hair restoration

Husband is always upset every time i teased him about his balding head. Well he's not really that old, he inherited this problem from his father. Though it's a sad reality he's still hopeful this problem can be solved.

But baldness is not often inherited and is not always due to old age, balding can happen also to those who are still young. There are many factors to hair loss that leads to baldness aside from the most common which is hereditary, this could be due to stress and pressures or unhealthy lifestyle. And hair loss or baldness is not exclusive to men this can be seen to women as well.

But there's hope to this problem now, there are modern technology for hair restoration just like the one offered by new york city hair transplant surgeon Dr.Gregory Pistone. He is a known skilled and respected hair transplant specialist. He already performed over 8,000 procedures of hair restoration using the very latest techniques in Stereo Microscopic Hair Transplantation. If you're interested and wants to know more about the services he offers check his website and find out how he may help you.

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