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I have a friend from California and I chat with her the other day. She said the current economic situation in US forced her to look for a job. She has to work to help her husband but her concern is her mother in law. Nobody will take care of her when she starts working. I asked her why don't they hire a caregiver for her, but she said her husband didn’t like the idea and instead he wants to bring her mother in law to a homecare in Campbell California. At first my friend, a Filipina also, does not totally agree with her husband because in our country we are not used to this idea. The strong family-ties among us Filipinos makes it difficult for us to just let the elders live in homecare institutions.

But i think she has nothing to worry 'cause homecare in US is totally different from homecare here in our country. Besides there are online sites today that offers their services as guide in finding and choosing the best homecare provider. Gilbertguide.com is one example, they provide essential information and assistance in choosing the best nursing home. They have lots of articles that explains what nursing homes are, what to expect, how to pay and how to find the right one. Are you in a similar situation? if you are then try to visit their website, they will definitely help you lessen your worries about leaving your loved ones in nursing homes.

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