Tracking device

Our company has this quality policy: “Satisfied customers keep us in business” and this is how we accomplish this. Aside from selling good quality products we see to it that we deliver the goods on time. The chemical products that we sell are crucial to our customers’ production that’s why orders should be delivered as soon as possible. They can’t afford the production to shutdown just because one of the raw materials didn’t come on time. But we all know the traffic situation in this country and that’s our problem, sometimes you’ve got to find ways to divert your deliver trucks away from traffic. There are suggestions that we use GPS tracking device to monitor our deliveries, this will guide us not just in monitoring the location of our delivery trucks but also we can adjust the delivery schedule for other customers when there's a delay.
By the way this tracking device is also useful against carnappers, if you have private car and afraid to loose it from carnappers this will help a lot to get it back!

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