Whew I'm done with my blogroll. It's kinda hard really to change layout i have to enter and re-write all the links all over again! Is there other way to make this easier? so that next time i've decided to change my layout again i don't have to repeat this over and over. Like what i've said i'm still trying to learn everything especially on the technical side.

Now it's time for me to surf and hop again some of my blog buddies haven't updated my url. I know i need to devote more time on this now.

So see you around!


  1. i do feel this hard work sis.. changing layout because you will really going to do it as from the very start.. and yes, blog links is very much complicated too. but, the more hard work you did the better because in the end you'll be proud of what you got.

    like before i change my old template, it too me months before i let go that old one as it is really hard to let go the usual one you got..

    but since you got new, don't be dismay its even more nicer than the last one...

  2. thanks for sharing your experience NOva. i'm happy you find my new layout better than the old one :)