What's the problem?

I don't feel good today, if Mommy Ruby is sick with Pink Flu, ako naman HBP! Why? i had an article that was rejected due to incorrect URL. Because www is missing in my article's url, when they click on my post the page was just re-directed to my homepage and not the archive page of my article.

I already asked some friends for advice, they say it can be corrected but mine is a different case because the Edit and Re-submit button are not available on my account's page. My friends were also confused they can't say what's the problem so they just told me to ask for customer support. And i already did, i just hope this would be resolved sayang naman pinaghirapan ko if i wouldn't be compensated. Need ko pa naman yon to pay for my Smart bro bills huhu..

For now there's nothing i can do but to wait for their reply. Sigh..

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