Chat with a first time mom

I had a chat with my officemate this morning and she's so happy and excited to tell stories about her new born baby. Aside from being a first time mom she also waited for 4 years before this miracle baby came into her life. Hmm imagine the smile on her face.

She asked me where she could buy a nice stroller for her baby so i suggest, this online shop sells over 150 different types of strollers from top brands like Bugaboo, Orbit, Quinny, Stokke, BOB, Phil & Ted's, Maclaren and Joovy. With this wide choices I'm sure she'll find the right one for her cute little baby.


cel25's October 23, 2008 at 10:15 PM  

hi mommy..added u already in my list..thnks for visiting. ^_^

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