Cheap but good quality eyeglass

In my previous post I wrote about getting my own eyeglasses. I didn’t take it seriously then, I thought my visions were still fine. But last month when i renewed my driver’s license and took a reading test that’s the only time i realized I already need a prescription eyeglass. I’ve learned from the reading test that my right eye has difficulty in reading at far and that it needs more correction than my left eye. I am nearsighted so I can only see and read clearly when the object is near.

Since I really need prescription eye glass I checked again, I’ve bookmarked this website before for my reference. I browsed their site and checked the latest eye glasses and frames. It’s nice to see some new arrivals and still at the very affordable prices. What’s good about Zenni is that their glasses are cheap but the quality is not compromised that’s because they manufacture their own products and they sell it directly to customers. They have no middlemen and no advertising project. But in spite of that, they are getting popular because of the testimonies of increasing satisfied customers. I’ve learned that aside from Fox News, Zenni was also featured and even recommended to consumers by the popular The Clark Howard Show. With all these positive feedbacks about Zenni optical glasses I am now convinced to try their eye glass by myself. Here’s a picture of my chosen eyeglass from Zennioptical.

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  1. I've tried a few suppliers and the one I had the best service from was well worth a look.