A day in the hospital

Remember my post about our postponed activities? I wrote that my daughter had fever and last Monday she was admitted at the hospital. For two nights she had high fever that's why i've decided to bring her to the doctor for check-up the following day, we're worried 'cause she might have dengue fever. At the hospital the doctor had her blood examined, the result shows her blood platelet is quite low although it's still above normal. He said it could drop down anytime if she really has dengue fever so it's better to monitor her condition. And so he recommends that we stay at the hospital for further tests and monitoring.

So we stayed at the hospital overnight and luckily the following day after another blood test dengue fever was ruled out since her platelet count already increased from the previous test result. Since she's free from danger we request her doctor to allow us to go home and just continue her medication at home.

My daughter a few hours before we were discharged at the hospital

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