Double trouble

Our computer mouse at home needs replacement so we bought a new one last Saturday. I chose an optical mouse with usb connector for a change thinking that it’s just a plug and play device. My kids were so excited to use the new pc mouse when we arrived home so I immediately attached the usb cable to the port but to my dismay the mouse didn’t work. I open the website of the manufacturer to download the device driver, after downloading I restart the computer but still it cannot detect the new device! Husband is getting upset as well as the kids. Me? I’m getting mad! hehehe I don’t know how to trouble shoot computer problems and I’m afraid to experiment ‘cause it might cause more trouble.

So I just thought of bringing the pc mouse in our office and tried it in my office computer today. I plugged the mouse and tried it without re-starting the computer, yikes! it didn’t work! I unplugged the new mouse and plugged the old one but it didn’t work either. Now I’m in trouble! I’m very dependent to a mouse device and using the keyboard alone is a big problem, I’m not familiar with the use of some function keys..hehehe. With my fingers crossed I shut down the computer, plugged again the old mouse and then re-start my computer. Thank God it works!

But i’m still hoping I could use my new mouse so, from the manufacturer’s website I downloaded the mouse driver and tried again. Finally after downloading the driver it was detected by my computer and I’m using it right now. I thought I would have to return to the computer store and ask for a replacement, I’m glad I was spared from such hassle.


  1. Yay! Buti gumana na Mommy Elvz :) I wonder why it needed a driver pa kasi plug and use lang yan talaga. I am using an optical mouse rin eh.

    Anyway, just glad its running now :)

  2. That mouse looks like the one we just bought for our computer here semi-recently. They work wonderfully. :)

  3. Hi Adie! Yap buti na lang gumana na sya ang hassle bumalik sa store to ask for replacement eh. Wala yung Genius dito sa PC ko kaya pala need ko pa i download yung driver..

    Dani you're right! The mouse works wonderful ang smooth mag scroll :)