Home theater sconces

Remember my post about my dream of having our own Home Theater? Well up to now it's still a dream.. hehe. Anyway i do hope my dream will come true and while waiting for that day to come i already made plans on how to set up and decorate our home theater room in the future. A home theater lighting for special effects is definitely in my list these lights will give the room a "feel" that is, you're like on a real theater. I've searched for online stores that sells home theater sconces and i found these beautiful black, powder coated sconces.

I'm sure husband will like these sconces.. Wish we could have them soon!


  1. just keep on dreaming and make sure you do something about your drea..coz if you don't there is no way you'll get what wish for..

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  3. Kittykat, thanks for dropping by. You're right we have to do something to make our dreams come true. This is the reason why i'm working hard sa blog ko i want to earn extra income thru blogging :)

    Maricel, thanks for the invite, I'll place your banner now :)