Nuffnang made my day!

Hi there! Mommy elvz is back to blogging after two days of having flu and i'm back to work also! My fever and headache are gone though i still have cough and colds.

Since i'm back to my usual routine the first thing i did again is to check all my mails and what a great day to start! i received good news from Mommy Ruby and LJ Diaz informing me that i was one of the 68 lucky bloggers chosen at Nuffnang Philippines. Thanks Mommy Ruby and LJ for taking time to leave me your messages.

And to Nuffnang Philippines thank you so much for this great contest, we're looking forward for more :) To see the detailed list of winners check their website HERE.


  1. no prblem mommy elvz!buti at magaling ka na din!

  2. Congratz Mommy!

    I also have an award for you at my blog. I hope it makes you feel much better. :)

    Aha Mama | A Zone for Digiscraps

  3. LJ and Sheebadoo, thanks to both of you!