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Next month will be my son's birthday and as early as possible i want to prepare and plan for his birthday party. Last year he turned seven years old but he got sick at the time of his birthday (he had mumps) that's why we were not able to give him birthday party. This time my son requested to celebrate his birthday in school since it falls on Monday. And so we agreed anyway it's just a simple party with his 18 classmates only as guests.

For the party food i want to make it something different so i'm trying to search some recipes online. I was intrigued when I came across Mexican recipes especially this recipe called Beef Carnitas Empanadas. Carnitas is a Mexican dish of braised pork that's cooked until very tender and shredded or torn into small bits. This beef version features carnitas as filling for empanadas, but you can also use it in tacos, enchiladas, or burritos. Empanadas are Mexican-style pastries filled with meat, vegetables, or even dessert. I might consider this recipe in my list, the empanada in the picture looks yummy :)

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