Robo calls

Have you heard about robo calls or political dialing? I wonder if Obama and McCain have utilized this service. If you’re not familiar with the voice broadcast or robo calls services let me share with you what I have learned at

Political voice broadcasting or robo calls is the latest technique in political campaigns. A Robo Call is a mass communications technique that sends a pre-recorded phone message to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. Using this pre-recorded or automated message the candidate can deliver millions of unique messages to all voters. Unlike TV, radio or direct mail, the candidate may easily change his or her message through voice broadcasting. This voice message can be recorded within minutes and that message will be delivered to all voters instantly! And this is what is dedicated to; they are after the success of their client because they believe that it is also an achievement for their company. They make sure all engineering and technical supports are provided. Aside from that they also provide other features such as polling and surveys as well as campaign status monitoring.

By the way also offers services on mortgage cell phones, satellites, travel, debt and health. If you want to know more about these services I suggest you take time to visit their website today!


  1. It is too bad that politicians continue to exempt themselves from Do Not Call law. is fighting for the privacy of the American voter.

    1 - Creating a Political Do Not Call Registry
    2 - Testifying in the US Senate about robo calls (Sen. Feinstein’s Robocall Privacy Act)
    3 - Forcing states to enforce existing robo call laws (CA, MN, NJ, etc..)
    4 - Getting politicians to take a do not robo call pledge (7 have)

    As I testified at the US. Senate these robo calls are an epidemic and this election cycle “phone spam” and are invading the privacy of All American Voters.

    Our members are taking a stand and saying enough is enough at the National Political Do Not Contact Registry at

    Here is a quote from a member recently:

    "I'm a shift worker, working variable shifts. I depend on my sleep to be able to do my job safely and efficiently. I'm a locomotive engineer. Imagine the disaster were I to fall asleep, operating a freight train carrying hazardous materials in your neighborhood, due to fatigue from being awoken in my middle of the night on a continuous basis during election season. Please stop.."

    Learn more.

    Shaun Dakin
    A non-profit fighting for the privacy of the American voter

  2. Voice broadcasting laws have changed over the years so make sure you are in compliance. If used correctly this service can give you a great ROI. Learn as much as possible and think outside the box to take advantage of this technology.