Driver Solutions

Yesterday one of our Company drivers approached me and asked for help where he could get truck driving training. I asked him why and he told me that to become eligible to legally drive a tractor-trailer he must hold a tractor-trailer driver's license. Right now he's just qualified to drive a four wheel truck so he needs additional training to become eligible for tractor-trailer position.

So to help him i started searching for sites that offer truck driving training, but today instead of finding a school training i found a site with an interesting offers for truck drivers. I'm referring to Driver Solutions. Driver Solutions is the authority on company-sponsored CDL training programs. They have developed a network with some of the industry's premier trucking companies. Driver solutions is not a trucking school, but a career management company that provides the best entry level truck driving opportunities available.

I already bookmarked the site and will inform our drivers about this great opportunity from Driver Solutions, just in case they are interested to have better driving career in the future.


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