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I didn't pay much attention to the coming US Presidential election since i'm not from US, until two days ago after reading some blog posts of Christian bloggers suddenly i became curious most specially concerned about the final result of the election. Though i'm not a US citizen and not directly affected by what's going on in America, I realized as a Christian i still have part in this big event. USA is a powerful country and its influence around the world is a serious matter.

Today while doing my daily rounds of blog hopping, I read a very interesting letter from Pastor Steve Foss. It's about his prophetic warning concerning the coming US election. I know it's only a few hours left before the big event and this blog post may be too late but we should not under estimate the power of prayer. According to the scripture, prayer can move mountains and if we believe in this it's not impossible that through prayers God's wisdom and guidance will be upon his people. With this I encourage all Christians throughout the world to pray for the US presidential election.

"The Lord is near to all who call upon Him."-- Psalm 145:18

I find Pastor Steve Moss' message very important so i thought of sharing an excerpt of his letter:

A Prophetic Warning from Pastor Steve Foss Sat, 25 Oct 2008

I am writing to you today an urgent message concerning the coming American election. God has released me to share with you a powerful prophecy He gave me eight years ago. I have shared this prophecy in a number of public meetings, but I have never published it for all our friends and partners.

In January of 2000 God gave me an incredible insight into what was about to happen in the coming elections in America over the next decade.

I am not using this e-mail to tell you, who are citizens of America, who to vote for. However, you need to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying. Never in my 22 years of ministry have I seen such a spirit of delusion released upon our country.

In January of 2000, while the Republican nomination for president was far from being decided, God spoke to me that George W. Bush would be the president of the United States. He told me it would be the hardest fought election in American history. I'm sure we can all remember the incredible battle that took place in Florida. He told me that President Bush would be elected to two terms. He told me that during Bush's term there would be a season of unprecedented economic prosperity.

Now despite what the media has said, the economic wealth created during the last eight years was unprecedented. I know the media and one of the political parties has been trying to paint the last eight years as the worst economic time in American history, but it is absolutely untrue. If you look at the wealth created, there were more millionaires created in the last eight years than any time in history.

Multitudes of people were able to sell real estate before the housing market collapse, and received incredible transfers of wealth. I could spend hours showing documentation of the wealth created, but suffice it to say, the evidence is there.

God then said to me, "At the end of President Bush's second term there would be an economic collapse." As everyone in the world knows, we have just faced the greatest economic threat since 1929 and the Great Depression. I will speak a little more about the present economic situation a
little later in this message.

Every detail that God gave me has come to pass exactly as He said. Now there is one more important thing that God spoke to me. This is the purpose and the reason I am writing this e-mail today. God spoke to me that after George W. Bush, America would elect its most ungodly president ever.

I'm going to say that again. God spoke to me that after George W. Bush, America would elect its most ungodly president ever.

Read the rest of the letter here.

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