My dream lab bench

I’ve been working for our company for more than a decade now and my work environment hasn’t change over the years. Our laboratory workbench which was built the old fashioned way is still made of ceramic tiles up to this day. And since we handle highly corrosive chemicals, the spillage has caused the tiles to cracked and chipped off in the long run.

If in the future our company decides to invest for new lab furniture I would recommend lab furnitures made by Formaspace. Formaspace designs and builds practical, elegant, human-friendly laboratory furniture. They are experienced and experts in designing and building lab benches for energy, education, government, and a wide variety of healthcare applications. Formaspace laboratory furniture is available with a wide variety of work surfaces, including epoxy resin, phenolic resin, stainless steel, high density polyethylene, and chemical resistant laminate.

This is the type of lab bench made by Formaspace that I would like to have in my workplace.

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  1. Oh yeah I definitely agree that new look for your workspace looks definitely nice! Better than the old ceramic tiles! Hahahaha!

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