Thank God it's Saturday and most of all thank God it's payday time! Yippee :) To some it's TGIF but for me it's TGIS since i still have work on Saturday. Yes i'm still here in our office working! Grrr anyway it's past 3 pm already a few hours from now i can go out and be with my family and enjoy our weekend together.

So what are our plans for tonight? For sure kukulitin na naman ako ng mga kids ko to treat them and eat pizza at Greenwich. Though i prefer Pizza Hut's pizza, Greenwich is the only one pizza store in our place so no choice ako hehe.. It's one of our bonding moments together that's why kahit magastos kumain sa Mall ok lang just to make my children happy anyway minsan lang naman. And after that we'll just look around and find some items on sale, we are on a very tight budget so i have to be wise in shopping! ^_^ Hope we can really find some good and cheap stuffs we need at home.

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  1. that is so great! you enjoyed your pizzas. yummy!