A busy Saturday

I wasn't able to make even a quick post last Saturday, I was very busy posting at Paraiso Philippines Forum, there was a contest and i was one of the ten participants that day. The one with the highest number of posts will win the game so i tried my best to posts as many as i can, but unfortunately my internet connection as well as my computer was not as fast as the other contestants so i did not win.hehe.. The contest starts at 8 am until 8 pm, so imagine the pressure and stress haha.. anyway i really had fun :) I'm glad hubby was so supportive, when he arrived together with my kids here in the office i asked them to wait for me until the contest ends. Good thing my officemate bought pancit palabok and drinks as Christmas treat for our casual employees, i took some for hubby and kids so they won't get hungry while waiting for me.

When the contest ends, around 8:30 we immediately drive back home. We arrived at 9:15 pm I thought i could finally take a rest but my kids said they're still hungry.. I checked the fridge but yaikks!no food left! I only saw some dried fish, so that's what i cooked for our dinner cum midnight snack.. hahaha


  1. HAhahaha ang sarap ng midnight snack ninyo mommy yummy

  2. wow mommy! buti ka pa may consolation prize. hehehe... anyway, you deserve it.

    didn't see you online today? why oh why? busy sa mga party? hehehe

  3. Merry Christmas Mommy Elvz...

    Mommy J