I need to recharge

No blog post yesterday i was too occupied reading some interesting blogs and sites that made me forgot i have my own blogs to update. And up to now i can't think of anything to write I'm running out of thoughts, all i want now is to read, study and learn from other sites.

Anyway guys i promise to write something sensible next time i just have to recharge for now. But still i will do my daily rounds of blog hopping and dropping today so i'll see you there! :)


  1. Same here...I wasn't able to blog yesterday...kasi busy naman with work. Hay...

    Musta na Mommy Elvz?


  2. hi, i sometimes have that 'nothing to write' phase. it would even last a week. kung walang lang opp baka one month pa yan. btw, i have a meme for you. hope you can do this =)


  3. Mama Elvz,

    Make sure you don't overcharge ya!
    and don't take too long to recharge.


  4. Hi mommy J! I'm ok naman :)

    Girlforallstatus, you're right kapag walang opps medyo nauubusan tyo ng ipo-post.. hehe

    Windmill, don't worry i won't let it happen ^_^