Last minute at the mall

We went to SM Baliuag this morning to have a last minute shopping. The Mall opens at 10:00 am, there were many people outside waiting at the entrance door when we arrived. Since it's the first mall in our town a lot of people were so excited to shop around, while some went straight ahead in the movie houses upon entering.

This holiday season everything seems to be so expensive! From clothes, to housewares, groceries, etc., i'm trying to look for some items on sale luckily we still found some like the blouse for my daughter which is at 10% off and my bag for 20% off. We really have a tight budget so i have to watch out our finances and make sure we would not be overspending.

Now we're here at my parents place to celebrate Christmas with them and with my other siblings and relatives. I don't have access in the internet at home so i grab the chance while i'm here, my monitor breaks down and i'm still looking for a replacement. Hope i could find soon, we're on a long holiday vacation from office and that means i can't update this blog and i can't visit other blogs as well. Anyways i'll take care of that later, i have to go now my kids are waiting outside we'll visit our grandmother.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas everyone!

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