My briefcase

We're watching Deal or no Deal, the popular game show of Kris Aquino in ABS-CBN, it's a game where a contestant has to choose one briefcase out of 26 briefcases with corresponding amount. The lowest amount is 1 peso while the highest is 1 million pesos. This game show is not just popular here in the Philippines but in other countries as well so I know a lot of readers from other parts of the world already know the mechanics of this game. During the first season of Deal or no Deal i even sent an entry thru text hoping to become one of the contestant but unfortunately i didn't receive any reply. My mother kept telling me to try again and again because she believed that if Kris or the staff of Deal or no Deal would see my situation i might pass the interview out of sympathy.hehe But i guess a backer is still needed to be able to qualify as a contestant. Anyways i just leave it to God, if it's His will then thy will be done. By the way have you noticed the 26 briefcases? I wonder if they are Zero Halliburton briefcases, Zero Halliburton is a popular brand in the US. Well whatever brand of briefcase it may be it doesn't matter to the contestant as long as it has the jackpot in it! As for me if i would choose my briefcase it would be briefcase no. 7. How about you? ^_^

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