What's up?

Hello guys! i'm back after another day of not posting anything, not because i'm still "recharging" ^_^ i was just away from my computer yesterday. I didn't report for work to attend to some personal matters. Now that i'm back to work, i'm back to blogging, dropping and hopping as well :) Of course i can only do it during my free time so this is just a quick post. I have pending jobs in my desk right now so to all my loyal droppers please bear with me if i can't reciprocate at this time.

By the way tomorrow I'll be in Tagaytay with my officemates, we'll be celebrating our annual office Christmas Party at Tagaytay Highlands. I'm kinda excited 'cause it's my first time to stay in Tagaytay. I'll be out for two days and that means i won't be able to blog again :( Anyways hope you'll come back and visit me and please watch out for my blog updates. Thanks and happy weekend!

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