Desktop memory

It frustrates me when there are available online opportunities for me but i missed and wasn't able to grab them because my desktop computer is too slow. I thought at first that it was only due to our internet provider's slow connection but i've learned that my computer also contributes to this factor. I was told that i need to upgrade my computer's memory to improve it's speed and performance. So I searched for a good supplier and so far i found as the best source to buy memory, they carries the latest and greatest from top manufacturers like Crucial, Corsair, OCZ, PNY and more.
If you also need to upgrade your computer check it out at!


  1. okay, last year i make sure that i bought additional memory card for my pc so the speed will satisfy me.. i'm glad you also did...

    happy thrusday!

  2. Hello NovaS! I'm still saving for it, I hope to get one soon :)