Home lightings

I like houses with chandeliers and beautiful lightings, they are very appealing to my eyes. Unlike in the past, chandeliers were used solely for the decoration of castles, mansions, and luxury hotels, but today, it has become common for chandeliers to be seen and used in the decoration of ordinary homes, some restaurants, and most of the classy hotels. The warm light and sparkle a chandelier adds in every room makes it really enticing.

Today chandeliers come in varied sizes and styles, so whatever kind of space you have you are sure to find a chandelier that suits your need. You just have to choose a chandelier that complements the style of your home. Home d├ęcor experts advise homeowners to buy one that complements the time period and architectural style of the house rather than the current decorative style.

When buying a chandelier the first aspect to consider is the size of the room. The general rule is that the chandelier should be two inches in diameter for every foot that the room is wide. The next thing to consider in choosing the appropriate chandelier type would be to check on the height and structure of the furniture in your room. If you have a tall hutch, you may not hang the chandelier wherein it will hang just above that piece of furniture, since it will definitely give the room a crowded look. There must be enough head space so that no one would run into, and hit the chandelier when crossing the room. This is my frustration! Our ceiling is too low that even a small and simple chandelier would not fit into it. Anyway, since I can’t use chandelier in our home, I just concentrate on our bathroom lighting and under cabinet lighting. I used beautiful lights and accessories on our bathroom and cabinets to add a little spice :)


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