Changing Wordpress theme

What's keeping me busy? Well aside from my regular office works i'm currently scouring the net for the best wordpress theme for my other blog Musings of a Pinay Working Mom. Thanks to Mommy Ruby's help i can finally change my blog's layout. For me changing Wordpress theme is not as easy as changing Blogger's layout since i'm more familiar with Blogger. With Wordpress, FTP is required to upload the new theme and as of the moment i'm still trying to learn how to use it. So this is it for now, will try to finish changing my wordpress theme soon so i could write more sensible posts next time.

Have a great day! :)


  1. Good luck mommyelvz. Wordpress really made me confuse the last time i tried to tweak my blog there..i neglected my blog there now..i hope i still can open it.

  2. Thanks Chie. I already finished tweaking :)

    I hope ma open mo pa ulit yung account mo sa WP. Goodluck!

  3. Hi Mommy Elvz..

    Ay naku...I'll never switch to WP then kasi masyadong tricky pala...hehehe.

    Have a great Friday...

    Mommy J