Great weekend

How’s your weekend? Mine was great! Yesterday we had our usual family gathering at my parents’ house. My mom’s youngest brother and his family came also to visit us. Our uncle lives in Manila and we only see them on special occasions, so imagine the excitement and joy in our faces upon seeing each other again after quite sometime.

My kids, nephews, nieces and my uncle’s apo had a great time playing all day, while hubby, my brother, brother-in-law, and cousin enjoyed playing billiard. Hubby was very lucky yesterday he won in their pustahan, he said he did some nice shots something that’s really unexpected.hehe.. well he admits luck is just on his side, he knows my brother is a better player than him. ^_^

While the “boys” and kids are having some good time the “girls” (me, mother, sister and aunt) on the other hand were in the kitchen preparing some snacks. I was looking for a box cutter when my aunt approached me and said, "Elvz could you teach me how to blog? " I was surprised when I heard it from her, I didn’t know she knew about my blogging activities. Later I’ve learned that it was my mom who told her about it. And so i told her everything she wants to know about blogging. She said she’s a good cook and loves cooking a lot so I advised her to make a recipe blog since it’s her specialty. She’s happy and excited, and I’m excited as well i can't wait to see the new recipes she’s going to share in her blog.


  1. thanks for following my blog. i followed you likewise.

    i'm shimumsy, a mom too from new jersey. nice to meet you.

  2. Hi Shimumsy! nice to meet you too
    and thanks also for following :)