My Lola's birthday

Hello everybody how’s your weekend? I hope you had a great time like us. Yesterday we celebrated my grandmother’s 87th birthday at her residence, it also serves as our yearly family reunion. Each of her ten children was assigned to bring something for lunch and snacks. While all the working “apos” were asked to contribute cash money to use as prize for party games.

Everybody was very happy, young and old participated in the games. My son, nephew and nieces prepared a dance number for their Lola Inang.
We know that Grandma wants to enjoy her special day but she’s already sickly and weak so from time to time she has to rest inside her bedroom.

We left at around 5:30 pm, before we go home we drop by at my parents place to have dinner with them. By 8:00 pm we safely arrived in our place. But we were surprised when we saw our pet dog outside the gate. Though it didn’t escaped because it was tied inside we’re clueless at how it managed to get out. The gate has small grills below but we doubt if the dog can slipped in between or under the gate since the dog is bigger than its spaces.The thought of someone entered our house suddenly popped in my mind. The dog possibly managed to get out when somebody opened the gate. We immediately checked everything inside and outside of our house if something is missing, luckily there’s none. Thank God! Well that experience serves as a warning to us, so now we’re thinking of changing our simple door locks with the best door hardware products.

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