Shoot out or rubout?

While watching ABS-CBN News last night my attention was focused on the report about the three suspected car thieves killed in a police operation in EDSA Quezon City. A reporter was able to capture on video the final minutes of the operation, which authorities said began in Mandaluyong City when police spotted and pursued a vehicle reported stolen last month.

Police claimed the suspects opened fire on them forcing them to fire back. But the footage captured by ABS-CBN shows several policemen firing their weapons inside the suspects' car at close range! The video footage was to shown Human Rights Commissioner Leila de Lima, who said the police violated rules of engagement.

Now there are allegations that what happened was a rubout case. Well, based on the footage, I also believe those police officers really abused their powers. The operation may be legitimate but it doesn’t necessarily mean they have the right to kill humans like an animal. I just hope the incident will serve as a lesson on both sides, for the car thieves to realize their wrong doings and for the police officers to stop their abuse in power.

Oh well I know for us humans it’s impossible, only miracle and God’s intervention will make it happen. I guess what we need now especially for car owner is to do everything to secure our vehicles. Wireless alarm systems and other car security gadgets are already available in the market, so i think it's advisable to have them for our safety and peace of mind.


  1. I saw this one too but not really concentrating sure it would and I hope this issue would resolve soon, and will give both sides a lesson

  2. Hi Anne! yeah let's hope the truth would come out soon and sana rin they learned their lesson from this incident.