We made it!

Yesterday i wasn't able to post anything 'cause i'm loaded with work here in our office, i tried also at home but our computer monitor didn't cooperate with me. Since i can't do anything i promise that as soon as i arrived in the office today i will try to catch up especially on EC dropping, anyway i usually arrive at 6:30 am that's one and a half hour earlier before 8:00 am so i have some spare time to write and drop before my work starts.

But something happened which i thought my kids and I wouldn't able to make it on time to school and office today. Around 5:15 am husband was surprised when he saw our car's flat tire! He immediately get the crocodile car lifts and tools to change it.

Good thing the process went on smoothly, husband finished changing the tires with just a minimal delay on time. I'm glad we made it! i arrived here at around 6:45 am, now i still have time to blog hop and drop again. Oh well, see you guys! ^_^


  1. hay i still cant understand EC dropping. ihave about 4000 pts there in EC. still dunno what to do with it.

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