This morning my heart leaps with joy when I learned that a fellow blogger find my post Valentine's Day Trivia an interesting article. I’m referring to Windmill the author of Windmill on the Hill (read his post here, he also shares interesting thoughts about Valentine).

He’s right when he said the article is too short, if only I had the luxury of time yesterday I could have made my article longer. Well it’s because I have allotted some of my time searching for Austin jobs, I’m helping my brother who’s in Dubai right now. We had a chat the other day and he told me his employer has started to layoff some of his co-workers. And since his status in the Company is uncertain, he already decided to look for another job in Canada or US. He asked for my help since I always have access in the Internet unlike him. I just hope he could find a new job, he has two kids to support back here and loosing his job will make life difficult for him and his family.

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