Dream vacations

I always receive spam mails saying I won in a lottery, converting those winnings to Philippine currency will amount to millions of pesos. Hayys how I wish it’s true! I’ll be a millionare if ever..hehe.

I remember one day my son asked me, “Mommy in case we won in the lottery can we go to Boracay?” I smiled at him and said, “that’s for sure my son, not only in Boracay but to many beautiful places as well.” Going to Boracay is really our family’s dream summer vacation, we want to experience and enjoy the cool water and white sands in Boracay. Then after Boracay maybe we’ll visit my Aunt in Orlando USA, she has invited us many times to visit them. She told me we will surely enjoy our Orlando vacations because aside from their place there are many theme parks in Orlando that she wants to show us like the Walt Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios. Hmm I’m getting excited! Of course aside from travelling around, shopping is definitely in my agenda, why not i'm a millionaire remember?..hahaha. Oh well, go back to reality mommyelvz and stop daydreaming again you've got loads of work to do. ^_^


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  1. Nako mommy! Ako siguro Disneyland, hehehe...ang babaw ko. I wanted talaga to go there since I was a kid, now gusto ko pa rin. Hehehehe