Havaianas Flip Flops for kids recalled

Breaking news: Havaianas flip flops made in Brazil are being recalled in United States because the decorative paint on the sole of flip flops can contain levels of lead in excess of the federal standard which is toxic if ingested by young children. About 210,000 children's flip flops have been sold in department and specialty stores nationwide from November 2006 through February 2009 for about $15 to $24 a pair.

Flip flops of the Havaianas brand containing decorative paint were sold under these model names: Baby Estampas, Baby Pets, Kids Apple, Kids Fairy, Kids Flores, Kids Lighthouse, Kids Monsters, Kids Surf, Baby Letrinhas, Kids Sports, Kids Candies, Kids Fun, Kids Love, Kids Sereias, Kids Speed, Kids Lucky Bug, Kids Pets, Kids Rock, Kids Slim, Kids Wonder Woman, Kids Small Flowers and Kids Tropical w/Kit.

The manufacturer, Alpargatas USA Inc., based in New York, is cooperating with the recall, and is offering to replace according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Consumers who wish to trade in their recalled flip flops should contact the manufacturer at http://www.havaianasus.com/CustomerService.html. CPSC said Havaianas flip flops without decorative paint are not being recalled.

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  1. I have heard about this news :-) di ba parang over acting naman ang US government? look at those sizes ng slippers? Do you think at their age, kakagatin pa nila slipper nila? :))

    I haven't seen slippers for baby na 2 years old and below. So far mga kids slipper na nakita ko ang user may tamang isip na. So, i don't think recalling this kids slipper is the right thing to do.

    I am a havaianas seller and user :-)

  2. yeah, i saw this on TV last night. best time to recall a flip flops. it will be spring time soon.

    have a wonderful day.

  3. @ djtammy, hi sis! actually di lang na mention sa news yung full details of side effect ng lead content sa paint, it's not only thru biting the slippers that can harm the kids.. yung lead can affect the kids thru skin contact specifically sa soles :)

    @ out of the blue, you're right it's the best time to recall, here in Pinas it's summer naman so slippers are really in demand esp. for summer getaways mas komportable :)

  4. My sis, djtammy and I are all avid users of havs, it is a sad news the kids could not have at all these comfy slippers.
    take care sis!

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  6. Yeah,i heard this on the news.It's sad to hear the negative impact of this issue to the brand.But i hope every pair affected will be recalled and things will be resolve.

  7. I saw this one on the news too. That's why i quick;y collected my children's Havaianas and called to get it returned.