Looking for a Couple's Resort

I am currently looking for all inclusive vacation package in caribbean resorts for a couple's vacation. Nope it’s not for me and hubby..how I wish! They say the Caribbean is a paradise for couples in search of romance, hmm I think that’s a perfect place for us! Well, it’s not that I’m in search for romance, it’s just that being married for 13 years I believe couples need a romantic getaway sometimes. What do you think? Oops I’m just daydreaming again..hehe.. it’s impossible for us to have such grand vacation we do not have any budget for that.

Anyway, in my previous post I have mentioned that I’m helping my cousin for his forthcoming wedding. Last time I helped him with the engagement ring, now I need to find a nice place for honeymooners. My cousin wants to enjoy their honeymoon this summer season so he prefers a resort devoted exclusively to couples. Do you have any idea where I can get an all inclusive caribbean vacations? I know there are sites that offers different vacation packages out there, but i want to choose based on recommendations from those who have actually availed and experienced the services. But if there’s none, I’ll just rely on the testimonies I can find online. So goodluck to me. ^_^

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