Thinking of a graduation gift?

Graduation is an important milestone in a student’s life, and if you wish to share your happiness with the graduate, why not give them gadget’s that he/she can use in the future. Here are a few gift suggestions for you.

New iPod Shuffle. This is a great gift to a graduate of all levels. Apple just released the new 4GB iPhone Shuffle. When you order at Apple Online Store they offer ways to personalize it for free.

Digital Camera. Different types and models of digital cameras are available in the market. You may choose an affordable compact digital camera if you don’t have the budget, but if you have get an entry level DSLR and invest on the lenses.

Digital Video Camera. If your graduate is into videos, then get him/her one of the HD-capable digital video cameras. The pocket versions from Kodak (zi6), Flip (MinoHD) and Creative (VadoHD) are easily affordable. Just make sure that he/she has a video editing software to complete the package.

iPhone. This is not an end-all gadget for most but the most compelling reason to get it is its support for third-part applications, via the iTunes App Store.

Netbook. As I’ve said in my recent post, this gadget is becoming popular because it’s affordable, petite and powerful. For college graduates netbook is helpful for job searching, likewise it is also useful for incoming college students. If you can afford one with WWAN support, then get it. If not, get the cheapest one and bundle it with the Smart Bro Prepaid or Globe Tattoo package and s/he will be online practically anywhere.

Portable Computer. Whilst definitely on the expensive side but I am sure your graduate will thank you for this gift! ^_^

These are just some of the suggested gadgets, if you have an idea that you want to share with us, please leave your comment here. Thanks and happy Monday! :)

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